Free Shipping to Contiguous USA - 25% Off Entire Store with Code 'FIRST25'

Free Shipping to Contiguous USA - 25% Off Entire Store with Code 'FIRST25'


The price you see is the price you get - shipping is included. When it comes down to it, free shipping is the icing on the cake. There's no order minimum, though we know you understand that it is always more efficient to buy in bulk. 

Due to limitations of Shopify, we're only allowed to give you one discount at a time. We want you to be stoked, so we've created the FREE SHIPPING TOKEN. Add this token to your cart to receive Free Shipping within the contiguous USA, and you can also add a DISCOUNT CODE! That means added savings plus you get your goods delivered on us. Burn on!

Times Burning will ship as soon as possible. All of our orders get processed personally by a lovely human being, who has a loving family, who are doing family things. Hard working people will package your order with good will and hopes that these products will help you on your path to find true happiness. Then two people who know each other on a first name and quick joke about something inside basis will load this product into the back of a truck. With a quick transference of deuces, the great journey from our home to yours has just begun for this fateful parcel.

Check it, all of this above interaction will go down free of charge, every time. If you want us to hold up a minute so you can modify an order, let us know, as soon as possible, because we work fast because it is our job. 

Real talk we can't afford to ship small orders over seas without splitting the cost of freight. Our products simply don't have that much water in them that we can afford to have a business model to include overseas freight. So work with us on that and we'll continue to do what we do which is sell good products for cheap, and provide reasonable shipping around the world.